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We believe Lifegroups are a touchpoint of Life Family Church…

for people all across our Valley.  We also believe that when we “show up” to Life Groups, we are digging ditches for the Spirit to fill with living water! If you need a refresher on this concept, read 2 Kings 3:16-17 and revisit the vision of our ALL IN endeavor.  This is not just another season of small groups, but an ALL IN season of Life Groups.  We know friendships will form, faith will strengthen, and Life will be abundant!

MONDAY 6:30P-7:45P / the kidzone

“Loving Our Kids On Purpose” is a method of parenting that reveals the Father’s heart and will help to show you how to best represent Him to your children. Included are age specific Q & A sessions that will work for your toddler all the way through your adult child.

Workbook cost: $12
(Purchase at Merch Cart in Foyer)

MONDAY 7:45P-8:30P / tHE kidzone

Parents & family members of our Champions- we need you to help build & paint sets, prepare costumes & props, plan parties, assist with rehearsal snacks, and help us connect with our community! Our Musical needs you to help your Champion shine their light for Jesus!

tUESDAY 7P-8:15P / THE Cafe

Learn how to value your unique differences, resist misleading cultural influences, refocus on what made you friends, understand your spouse’s love language, and effectively influence the relationship.

Workbook Cost: $10
(Purchase at Merch Cart in Foyer)

TUESDAY 7P-8:15P / LFC Sanctuary

“Freedom” Groups are designed to equip you to live the victorious and abundant life Christ came to give you. At Life Family Church, we strongly encourage everyone to experience this study at least once in their life. Go on a journey of freedom, healing, and power in every aspect of life through this incredible group study.

Book Cost: $10
(Purchase at Merch Cart in Foyer)

TUESday 7p-8:15p / CONNECT AREA

Meets 4 times: 9/13, 9/20, 9/27, 10/4
Want to improve your financial skills and stability? Want to leave a legacy and make a bigger impact for the Kingdom of God? Check out this four-week course on managing your financial life more effectively.

wednesday 7P-8:15P / THE CAFE

Developing a vibrant relationship with the Holy Spirit is essential for fulfilling God’s plan for your life. Let’s study Life in the Spirit together as we learn more about the person, the purpose, and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us and through us.

THURSDAY 7p-8:15p / The Cafe

Meets 3 times: 9/22, 10/13, 11/3.
Our Growth Track is designed to help you become a healthy, strong, confident, and active believer in Christ. These three tracks will start you on your discipleship journey and give you opportunities to get connected to your life family.

thursday 9p-11p / chippewa

Men (Powersource & Adults)- It’s time for some late night hoops and Bible study! Invite someone to sign up with you because we will have a great time of fellowship, prayer, & competition!

Weekly Gym Cost: $5 per person

Friday 7p-9p / Beaver

This Life Group season, our young adults are coming together for a Time of Worship, Prayer & The Word on Friday 9/23 & 10/28. AND some Game Time with pizza & fellowship on Friday 10/7. We’ll meet up at the Escobedos’ House in Beaver. If you’re 18 to 24 years old, you won’t want to miss this!

Monday 6:30p-8:30p / LFC sanctuary

1st – 6th graders, it’s time to level-up in our Champions Fall Musical, “Praystation”! Your objective- to instill The Lord’s Prayer into your heart and mind! Your challenge- get through this video game without being tempted!

$5 per Champion