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At Powersource, we run fundraisers year round. It is our desire to see students attend as many of the events, as possible, that Powersource has to offer. So we try to help them raise the funds they need to get there!

Our fundraisers are done on an individual basis, with each student selling their own items – we do not do “group fundraising.” These fundraisers typically bring a great return (we try our our best to avoid fundraisers that create headaches and little profit).

Once the students have sold items, the profit they make goes into what we call their “Personal Account.” We keep track of each student’s profit and they can use it toward any event they choose for the duration of their 6 years in Powersource. (Please note, this is NOT a savings account, so you are not permitted to put money into these accounts. All money deposited into a student’s personal account comes from Powersource fundraisers only.)

We advertise our fundraisers in advance so that you have sufficient time to prepare. With every fundraiser we do, we provide all pertinent information your child, and you as a parent, will need to participate! Be looking in our Powersource “1/4 sheets” (announcement sheets) or newsletters for information.

If you ever have any questions or would like to know how much is in your child’s personal account, please contact our Student Ministries Fundraising Coordinator, Mary Kolich at 724-462-3472 or [email protected].


Current Fundraisers: