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lEGGO Hunt

Saturday, April 1st, 2023


We Need your help!


We are in need of 200+ Volunteers to help make an impact in our community!

Buy LEGOs:

All Legos are due in by Sunday, March 19th 

4,000+ people came to the Center of the Valley last year to Life Family Church’s LEGGO HUNT FESTIVAL! This year we want to be even more prepared to bless the valley, which means MORE LEGOS

We are looking for donations from our church family to make sure we can have LEGO PARK, LEGO DERBY, LEGO VALLEY, LEGO GALAXY and more! Please use the links below to purchase LEGOS to build with and bases to build on!

Thank you for being part of blessing our Beaver Valley!



Prefer not to buy online,  No Problem,  You can simply donate to this event below