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Are faithful givers

(Tithes & Offerings)

When we say Faithful giving: We mean honoring the Lord 1st with the tithe. (Mal. 3:10)
Tithing is our expression of Worship, Trust, and Obedience with the things He has given us.

Are Generous givers


When we say Missions: We mean local and global expressions of The Great Commission (Mark 16:15), sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Are Benevolent givers

(People Who Love)

When we say Benevolence: We’re saying, “Here is a blessing / help in your time of need.” (2 cor 8:2-3)

Are Vision givers

(Kingdom Building)

When we say Vision: We’re saying, “I’m sowing seeds of Faith & Investing in the future endeavors of Life Family Church.” (2 Cor 9:10-11)

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“Expect a stretching when giving to Missions. You’re not rerouting your tithes, you’re actually giving more and additionally believing the Lord for a greater Harvest.”


  • Tyler & Gretchen Braund (Overland Missions)
  • CASA (Christian Assemblies South Africa)
  • DJ & Lindsay DeMarco (Overland Missions)
  • Elijah & Jasmin DeMarco (Overland Missions)
  • Devin & Mackenzie Holt (Overland Missions)
  • Mini-Missions Teams
  • Mordecai Project
  • Josh & Terrilyn Pacella (Bolivia)
  • IFCA Missions