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powersource parent night


Who: Ages 18+

When: Begins Sunday, Jan. 7, 2024 from 11AM-12PM | Repeats thee first 3 Sundays of every month

Where: Life Family Church Connect Area

What: We believe that Life is about knowing Jesus, Family is about embracing the Father, and Church is about walking boldly with the Holy Spirit. Growth Track is a dedicated time to help us grow in these foundations of our faith. Together as followers of Christ, we will learn more about Life Family Church, discover our God-given gifts and find opportunities to use these gifts to serve others.


Week 1: Encounter Jesus
We’ll start by covering important details about our beliefs, our organization, our leadership, and our mission. This is the first step to becoming rooted as a member of Life Family Church.

Week 2: Embrace the Father
Next, we will explore how the divine design of your spiritual gift framework reveals the intentionality of God’s purpose for you. This exciting second step continues the journey of being strengthened to follow God’s plan for your life.

Week 3: Walk Boldy With the Holy Spirit

Step three brings it all together to see what it means for you to make a difference by living out your purpose in the the power of the Holy Spirit and serving with your God-given gifts. We will help you connect with your ministry teams here at Life Family Church.


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