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Welcome to Champions for Christ Ministry!

We are the 1st – 6th Grade ministry at Life Family Church, and we believe your child is truly a champion for Christ Jesus! We meet in the Kidzone on Sundays during the 11 AM service. After you sign-in your child at registration, they are welcome to stay in a SAFE and FUN environment made especially for them while you attend church in the main service! We hope that becoming a Champion for Christ will lead your child to become a Champion in 3 other areas.


Champions of the Word

Our ministry follows a 3-year curriculum plan that goes through stories in the Bible from Genesis – Revelation! We believe that if something is in the Bible, then it is TRUE and we need to know it. We also make sure each Champion receives their very own Bible, and instruction on how to use it and memorize it. The goal is to teach the Champs as much of the Bible and God’s character as we can while they are young, so it will carry with them as they grow up.


Champions of Worship and Prayer

During their time in Champions, the children will learn what it truly means to worship God! Each time we gather, we sing and dance to very fun and energetic songs that glorify Jesus. But worship is not just singing, it’s the way we live our lives! Part of worshiping the Lord is speaking with Him through prayer. In Champions, we hope that your child will learn how to pray out loud with their very own voice, and learn to listen to God’s very own still, small voice.


Champions of Fellowship

Whether it’s playing video games, being cabin mates at Kid’s Camp, or just chatting with their peers, our kids build positive relationships with one another in Champions! There are so many benefits to being in a community of believers that are your age, as well as building relationship with leaders who love them.